"Frequently Asked Questions "

All bags are subject to check at door.  We do not allow weapons of any kind; pepper spray, knives, or guns.  Also, we ask you do not bring professional camera equipment or audio recording devices.  Many artists do not allow photos or videos of any kind, even on your phone; announcements will be made prior to the performance what the specific guidelines for that evening.

We ask you have your tickets ready when you arrive at the theatre.  If you need to purchase, make your way to the box office first.  Check out Empress Tavern for a drink or a bite to eat, or head to our concessions stand for theatre staples.  On busier nights, arriving at the theatre long before the show is set to begin is best practice, to ensure we can get you in timely.

We reserve the right to eject anyone who does not follow rules such as photo policy, fighting, public intoxication, or disturbance.  We want you to have fun we also need to make sure everyones’ safety in the theatre.  We have security guards for all our shows.

Thank you!

Please visit our Events Page to see our current schedule.

Our outside box office is open Thursday-Saturday 4pm-10pm.  It is also open at doors for our shows and movies.

Tickets can be purchased anytime online.  Our ticketer is Eventbrite.  Tickets are sold through there officially only, we are not affiliated with any other third party ticker or ticket reseller.  Be careful when buying suspect tickets on a different website than ours.

No, there is no other way to purchase tickets to circumvent Eventbrite’s fees.

The Crest Sacramento Theatre closely monitors the public health guidance and best practices related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Local rates of Covid-19 cases and vaccination for Covid-19 significantly impact our practices; therefore, they are subject to modification as indicated. By purchasing a ticket, you expressly agree to comply with all federal, state, and local laws, regulations and ordinances, and the rules of Crest Sacramento Theatre. The following policies are subject to change – all ticket holders will receive updates and reminders before the event via email.

Will I have to be vaccinated to attend events at The Crest Sacramento Theatre?

Proof of vaccination is on a show-by-show basis. We will let you know if it is required to attend the event you plan to attend. Some acts require proof of vaccination to attend their shows; we will be enforcing their request. The Crest Sacramento and its staff believe vaccinations are an essential component of public health, and we strongly recommend that all event attendees be vaccinated. We require all event attendees who are unvaccinated wear face-coverings, to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.  All staff and volunteers are vaccinated.  If any of these guidelines or mandates update/change, we will contact you; please refrain from contacting us about specific shows – we will keep you in the loop regarding Covid policies and requirements.

Will I have to wear a mask to attend events at The Crest Sacramento?

Masks are always welcome to be worn but not required.

Will there be food available at events?

We will be selling beverages and snacks during events from the concessions stand. Eating and drinking are permitted in the lobby and inside the auditorium. The Empress Tavern is open, if you plan on having a full meal and drinks before or during the show.

If I am feeling sick on the day of the concert, can I get a refund?

The Crest Sacramento Theatre will not offer refunds for illness on day of events.  Your health is paramount.  We ask that you request vouchers to an upcoming show or gift your tickets to someone who would love to see the show.  Eventbrite also has a ticket reseller Tixel which you can sell your tickets on.

Will events be sold at 100% capacity?

All events at The Crest Sacramento Theatre will be sold at a 100% capacity of 950 seats.

What additional safety protocols has The Crest Sacramento Theatre put in place?

The heating, cooling, and ventilating (HVAC) system increases the fresh air supply by bringing in outside air and filtering out the inside air.  Additionally, a new contactless ticket scanning technology improves efficiency, health, and safety.  Hand sanitizer stations are available throughout the venue.   Extra ushers are available to assist with traffic flow in the lobby, in concessions, and near the restrooms.  The theatre utilizes CDC-recommended cleaning practices before, during, and after shows.  Especially the cleaning of “high touch” surfaces such as door handles, counters & dispensers.

Since Covid-19, we have had to reduce our staffing and office hours. It has proven difficult to keep up with the volume of phone messages due to us not doing office hours at the theatre. The best way to contact us via email at aaron@crestsacramento.com We will be answering emails in the order they come in and do our best to field question in a timely manner and the only way to guarantee a response.  If you have specific questions related to Covid-19, rentals, parking downtown, or ticketing – please email us.

If you are a ticket holder for a currently scheduled event and your event is cancelled or postponed, we will email you about your ticketing options.  We do our best to respond in a timely manner, your patience when a show is cancelled or postponed is greatly appreciated.  If you feel you have accidentally purchased too many tickets, need to switch seats, or having trouble getting seats together with your party feel free to contact us.  We have a no refund policy but we also will try to make every attempt to rectify any issues you may have with your tickets, including charge-backs and vouchers.  

If you have questions email us at aaron@crestsacramento.com


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