VHcreSt Knights

Oh you aren’t gonna want to miss this one, for July’s monthly VHS series VHcreSt – we present to you the 1986 classic Knights of the City.  If you have been to one of our other VHcreSts; Toxic Avenger, Mac and Me, Garbage Pail Kids, Super Mario Bros, and Showgirls; you know this is a night not to be missed.  VHcreSt is for tape-heads as well as fans of schlock from the 1980s and 1990s on the format you want to see it on, upscaled to our big screen.  This is an event that is as much a treat for our staff as it is for the audience.  Bring some of your tapes from home if you are looking to trade.  Tickets are only $5, hope to see you in the city!

July 28 at 8PM.